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    As one of the largest wheat processors in China, we are engaged in the production and marketing of general purpose flour and other flour-based food such as noodles, bread and other products. In the B2B market, we provide one-stop service for our customers with our wide range of customized products. In the B2C market, we provide consumers with a variety of popular, safe, nutritious and healthy products.
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    Procurement of Raw Materials
    We constantly strive to ensure the quality of raw materials. We have strengthened our ability to control the quality and cost of raw materials by contract farming, reserve rotation, auction bidding and more. We have also started to actively set up bases in Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and other main wheat producing areas, while focusing on developing end products that consumers demand. 

    Production and Processing
    Our nationwide geographic reach covers our main production and marketing areas, and is a core component of our strategic development. 
    Flour processing – Our flour processing operations are equipped with advanced milling equipment and processing technology from Swiss Bühler. We have automated all of our processes via computer, from wheat blending, cleaning and milling, to flour blending and product packaging in order to ensure safe and reliable production.

    Noodle processing – Our noodle processing operations are equipped with the world's leading proprietary technology to ensure that our products are safe, nutritious and healthy.

    Bread processing – Our bread processing operations are equipped with the world’s most advanced baking machinery. We use production techniques such as “secondary fermentation” and “decoction” to produce healthy, delicious, safe, and reliable bakery products that appeal to Asian consumers. 

    Quality Control
    We provide our customers with the most healthy and safe products available in the market today. We have implemented national food production enterprises’ site management standards, established sound food safety guarantee and quality control systems, and installed a full range of testing equipment and first-class baking and cooking laboratories. All of our subsidiaries have obtained ISO9001certification for international quality system management and ISO22000 certification for food safety management.

    Marketing Service
    We maintain our leading position in the B2B field by constantly optimizing our product portfolio. At the same time, we are also expanding our B2C business by promoting the healthy, safe, nutritious, and convenient features of our products. 

    Flour, noodle and bread

     Wheat Processing Division

     Address: 16F-09, COFCO FORTUNE Plaza, 8 Chaoyangmen South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020

    P.R. China

    Phone: +86-10-85005724

    Fax: +86-10-85628322

    E-mail: manyibo@cofco.com


    COCFO Flour Marketing Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Address: COFCO FORTUNE Plaza, 8 Chaoyangmen South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020

    P.R. China

    Phone: +86-10-85005744/85005761

    Fax: +86-10-85637522

    E-mail: bingliu@cofco.com


    Shenyang Xiangxue Flour Limited Liability Company

    Address: 158 Huishan Street, Huishan High-tech Development Zone, Shenyang, Liaoning Province

    Phone: +86-024-88080099 

    Fax: +86-024-88081000

    E-mail: zhaofangfang@cofco.com


    COFCO Flour Industry (Qinghuangdao) Pengthai Co., Ltd.

    Address: 3 Pengtai Road, Economic Development Zone (East), Qinhuangdao 066206, Hebei Province

    Phone: +86-0335-5086999

    Fax: +86-0335-5086968 

    E-mail: liuaihua@cofco.com


    COFCO TTC (Beijing) Foods Co., Ltd.

    Address: 21 Yongda Road, Daxing Medical Business Base, Zhongguancun Science &Technology Park, Beijing 102600

    Phone: +86-10-61253302

    Fax: +86-10-61253375

    E-mail: zhangshiping@cofco.com


    COFCO Flour Industry (Dezhou) Co., Ltd.

    Address: 68 Yunliang Road, Decheng District, Dezhou 253000, Shandong Province

    Phone: +86-0534-2488909

    Fax: +86-0534-2488968

    E-mail: suyuling@cofco.com


    COFCO Flour Industry (Puyang) Co., Ltd.

    Address: East Shihua Road, Puyang 457000, Henan Province

    Phone: +86-0393-8112271

    Fax: +86-0393-8112758

    E-mail: xiaoshuxia@cofco.com


    Zhengzhou Haijia Food Co., Ltd.

    Address: 263 Chengdong Road, Zhengzhou

    Phone: +86-0371--66310534

    Fax: +86-0371--66316496

    E-mail: zhaonachun@cofco.com


    COFCO Flour Industry (Luohe) Co., Ltd.

    Address: 2 Lijiang Road, Economic Development Zone, Luohe 462003, Henan Province

    Phone: +86-0395-3383777

    Fax: +86-0395-3380711

    E-mail: zlu@cofco.com

    COFCO Flour Industry (Taixing) Co., Ltd.

    Address: 8 Guotai Road, Economic Development Zone, Taixing 225400, Jiangsu Province

    Phone: +86-0523-87963000

    Fax: +86-0523-87963033 

    E-mail: yinjy@cofco.com


    Flour Division of COFCO East Ocean Oils & Grains Industries (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

    Address: Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang 215634, Jiangsu Province

    Phone: +86-0512-58388311

    Fax: +86-0512-58389129

    E-mail: xuxiaoyan@cofco.com


    COFCO Flour Industry (Haining) Co., Ltd.

    Address: 88 Biyun Road, Haining, Zhejiang Province

    Phone: +86-0573-80700677

    Fax: +86-0573-80700668

    E-mail: fengxiaoyan@cofco.com


    Xiamen Haijia Flour Mills Co., Ltd.

    Address: 12 Hening Road, Xiamen 361012

    Phone: +86-0592-6011700

    Fax: +86-0592-6011709

    E-mail: zhangzhenli@cofco.com